We have many clients from the Interior Design, and all of them wanted to have less text and focus more on images. Today, We are using Divi with our All-In-One Module

For the first row column, we make use of push effects, from the left, right and top. But first we need to hide the content and show an alternative text. We also set a background so that when it pushes, so the text can be seen nicely on the background.


On the 2nd row column, we make use of image zooming, image filters and title effects. We also make use of the Module height on the advanced design settings for desktop and mobile, so that it looks evenly nice across all.



Download “AIO Interior JSON” AIO-Interior.json_.zip – Downloaded 537 times – 2 MB

This time, we make things simple as 1 2 3. So no custom CSS is involved. Let me know what you think about this at the comment below. If you have something to share, please contact us and we will upload to our showcase list.

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