Hey Divi and DWD lovers!

It’s been a while since we last blogged and I am returning to tell you a good news that the new Divi Perky Animate module version 2 is now compatible with Divi Visual Builder.

Firstly the Developer API has been released for about 3 week and the Divi Developer API is not that mature yet and many bugs has been reported at GitHub. Here are some tips to take note when using it with Visual Builder.

  • Effects such as Typing Effect, Rotator Effect, Textillate and the Scrolling Fading Effect(Animation) will only work on first load after your enable them which means On initial load. The best is to do a quick refresh of the page.
  • Changing any settings on these effects above will not dynamically re render on Visual Builder due to the lack of Divi Developer API documentation on how to update them when using javascript. The rest of the effect such as Hover Content Animation, Overlay, Video Popup, Tilt and many others are working like a charm. Until Divi releases more comprehensive documentation on how to do that on the fly, we will update it accordingly.
  • If you encounter any error on Visual Builder saying it could not display not to worry to much as the Divi Developer API is pretty new and this is pretty much of a bug.
  • Another bug I would like to highlight is that if you manually input your value on the range input example the speed of the hover which uses seconds instead of px, however it became px automatically and this is a divi bug on their end as well. The best is to use the slider that comes along with it.
  • The best is to try it on a new site. If you are coming from the previous Perky Animate and wish to update it, there are a few changes to make especially on the width of the Blurb Icon(Make sure they are at 100% at the sizing category) and a few more others because of the new structure Divi introduced and written on their end which is why there are a few changes to make. The rest are working without any issue as I’ve tested out when created the new demo perky animate page.

Remember, whether you’re using it for Call-to-Action, background image animation or just a simple text on your website, Divi Perky Animate has it all and is your All-in-One solution for Divi sites because there’s no limit to your design.

And yes, we are the first to release and make it to Visual Builder, we will improve it accordingly when the Developer API gets more matured.

Take a look at the demo https://demo-vb.diviwebdesign.com/divi-perky-animate-module/ and this layout can be downloaded from your account. Take a spin and let us know what do you think about it!

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