Updated on 25 Sept 2016

  • Added: Search Type – Posts/Pages or WooCommerce
  • Added: Hide search button text, hide icon, placement of the button(Left or Right)
  • Added: Custom CSS for Search Icon
  • Added: A Fullwidth Text Extender Module for FREE
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up

Updated on 22 Sept 2016

  • Fixed: Scroll Down default size
  • Added: Fancy Line Before or After Title
  • Added: Search Input – You can now have search input on header
  • Added: Custom CSS for Typing, Rotator, Input Field, Search Button
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up

Updated on 18 Sept 2016

  • Fixed section ID issue
  • Fixed gradient whereby color code are hard coded in php
  • Fixed typing delay default value
  • Added new option: New line for both typing and rotator text effect when using Static + Effect.
  • Added new option: Typing Loop. You are able to enable or disable typing effect looping.
  • Added new effect: TextGIF – You can use this TextGIF effect to make your text like a hole in the page by using gif images.
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up

Updated on 24 Aug 2016

  • Fixes Logo alignment when center or left selected along with text
  • Hidden Textillate option when not active
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up

Updated on 3 Aug 2016

  • Fixed Default Font Size on Title, Sub Heading and Content on Tablet and Mobile Value
  • Fixed Gradient Background with Particles On (z-index issue)
  • Added Line height and Letter spacing on Title, Sub Heading and Content
  • Added New Title Effect(Textillate Effect) with In and Out Animation
  • Added Speed adjustment on Animated Gradient Background
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up

Updated on 22 July 2016

  • Fixed PHP Error logo_image__animation_on_off

Updated on 12 July 2016

  • Fixed Firefox Scroll down custom image

Updated on 12 July 2016

  • Clean up css and php codes
  • Added Background Gradient (Left to Right →, Top to Bottom , Radial ○, Diagonal ↘, Diagonal ↗
  • Added custom image/icon for scroll down icon
  • Added more animations (Up to 49 to choose now)
  • Change text input for animation speed to range slider(Slide it)
  • Added typing/rotator font color
  • Added typing cursor color
  • Added Delay Time Before Backspacing(Typing Effect)
  • Added Time before typing starts(Typing Effect)

Updated on 1 July 2016

  • Fixed center logo issue
  • Fixed php conditional
  • Clean up codes

Updated on 27 June 2016

  • Added static + typing effect on title
  • Added static + rotator effect on title
  • Fixed php condition for inputs

Updated on 24 June 2016

  • Clean up CSS and enqueue scripts

Updated on 21st June 2016

  • Added logo-image, background-image animation
  • Fixed the animation to load on delay speed
  • Fixed the animation speed without delay bug

Updated on 20 june 2016

  • Added title animation effect
  • Added subheading animation effect
  • Added content animation effect
  • Added button animation effect

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