Fullwidth Header Extended Module

Our custom Divi fullwidth header extended module, It has 2 title effects, typing and text rotator. We’ve also added 2 background effects, particle effect and animated gradient effect. Subhead can be before or after title. Not only that, we have added animation to the whole content or you can set individual on title, subhead, content and buttons!

You can have static + typing or rotator effect

Animation is added to Title|Subhead|Content|Both Buttons|Scroll Down Icon|or whole header

What you are seeing here is just a demo of what our Custom Fullwidth Header Extended Module can do so far. With text rotator effect applied to the title. We also added animation on title, subhead, contents and even buttons! Try refreshing again to see the effect. Not only that, The whole div can be animated.

Subheading After Title

In this section, you will be able to see the whole div animated from the right. Cool isn’t? Individual effect on title, subheading, content and button will be deactivated.

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Divi Fullwidth Header Extended Module

This is the Textillate Effect with In and Out Animation

You can have many in and out animation for Textillate effect as well as the type of animation (Sequence, Reverse, Sync and Shuffle) for both In and Out. We use gradient background on this section too.

A new effect called TextGIF

You can use this TextGIF effect to make your text like a hole in the page by using gif images. We are using the gif on the right as an example.

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