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More than 8000 customers and counting from around the world rely on Divi Fullwidth Header Extended. Featured on ElegantThemes blog topic on 10 Awesome Third-Party Divi Plugins and also featured as Divi Plugin Highlight. One of the must have for Divi sites.

Impress your visitors with a whole new experience! The Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module provides a comprehensive suite of header customizations that helps you easily create dynamic text effects, image effects, background animations and more.

Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module brings you 5 title text effects to play around with. You can choose to have purely typing, rotator, textillate, TextGIF, shuffle effect or some static text in front while typing/rotator effect following after it at the same time.

Use a Fancy Line to bring attention to your title. Toggle the line on top or bottom of the title, change the color and alignment, have fun and see what works best for you. You can also easily add a sub-header and toggle it to be above or below the header title.

Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module also provides you the capability to animate your background with the latest particles effect, background gradient or an animated gradient effect. It’s up to your creativity.

Want a search input right on the header or even a video popup? We’ve taken care of that.

Custom scroll down icon/image? We’ve taken care of that.

Last but not least, Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module is packed with a total of 49 animations which you can apply to the entire content or set individually on title, subheading, content, buttons and scroll down icon!

We’ve done the hard part. So now, as the saying goes, it’s up to your creativity. Enjoy the Divi Fullwidth Header Extended module!

FREE: Added a free Fullwidth Text Extended module!

5 Title effects:
You can choose to have purely typing, rotator, textillate, TextGIF or shuffle effect or some static text in front while typing/rotator effect following after it at the same time.

Typing Effect

  • You can define the speed of the typing speed
  • Delay the time of effect
  • Delay the time before backspacing
  • Enable/Disable looping effect
  • Change the color of typing font
  • Change the color of the backspace

Rotator Effect(Lots of Animation)

  • You can define the speed of the rotator speed
  • Change the color of rotator font

Textillate Effect

  • Many Animation for In and Out Animation Effects
  • 4 Types of animation type (Sequence, Reverse, Sync and Shuffle) for In and Out Effect

TextGIF Effect

  • TextGIF effect to make your text like a hole in the page by using gif images
  • Add image background effect

Shuffle Effect

  • Shuffle effect add shuffle effect to title, by flipping each letter of your text with sequential characters

Fancy Line on Title

  • You can select to choose before or after the title
  • Text alignment and line alignment
  • Line spacing on the top and bottom
  • Set line color

Search Input

  • Custom Styles for Search Input
  • Choose search type: Default Posts/Pages or WooCommerce

7 Background Effects:

  • Particles Background Effect – Options such as (Number of Particles, Particle Size, Shape of the Particles(Circle, Triangle,Edge, Polygon, Star), Particle Line Linked Width, Particle Movement Speed, Particle Color)
  • Moving Particles Background Effect – The particles will follow your mouse cursor as you move
  • 5 types of background gradient (Left to Right → – Top to Bottom ↓ – Radial ○ – Diagonal ↘ – Diagonal ↗)
  • Animated Gradient Background Effect(Solid or Transparent)
  • Ken Burns Background Effect – Apply Ken Burns effect to the background image with option such as (Zoom In, Zoom In Left, Zoom In Right, Zoomout, Zoomout Left, Zoomout Right)
  • Interactive Background Effect – This will move your background image on mouse move.
  • Wave Animation Effect – Able to change color, speed, amplitude and height.

Special Background Effects

  • This will replicate boxes from the background URL you provided with the same background image and make these boxes move in perspective towards the viewer. This will spice up and add some jazz to background image. Note: This might not work with older browsers. (Inspired by Filippo Bello’s Portfolio)
  • Layer Illusion – This will create layers and move your layer image on mouse move creating illusion effect.
  • Glitch Effect

Subheading before or after title

  • You can set subheading to be before or after the title. More flexible now.

Custom image/icon for scroll down icon

49 Animations to choose from:

  • Set animation on the whole section
  • Set animation/delay effect on title, sub heading, image, content, buttons and scroll down buttons

Video Popup:

  • Video links will be taken from button one or button two input
  • On click popup on button one, button two or both

Content Popup:

  • Header Background and Header Text, Show Title, Content, Background image or buttons with Advanced Styling
  • On click popup on button one, button two or both
  • Fullscreen Popup
  • Header Background Image and Header Title
  • Trigger Animation In and Out of the Popup

Text Gradient:

  • Apply Gradient to Title, Sub Heading and Content

Basic Separator:

  • Separator Type(Triangles, Half Circle, Multi Triangles, Diagonal)
  • Advanced Settings such as color, before or after section

Wider Mobile Space Option

  • You can a wider width space on mobile. Very useful if you have many text on the content area or long button text. This will adjust the width to 95%.

Button Separator Text

  • You can have text in between both buttons. eg (OR) with option to adjust gap between buttons.

Video URL

  • If you add a video URL, it will appear to the right of your content.
  • Video On Mobile – As the size of the screen gets smaller on mobile devices, screen real estate becomes more precious. Sometimes it’s a good idea to disable some less important header elements to reduce the size of the header and make it more readable. Enabling this setting will show videos on mobile (they are disabled by default).

Auto Fetch Content

  • Auto Title – Fetch Page/Post Title automatically
  • Auto Excerpt – Fetch Page/Post Excerpt automatically
  • Featured Image as Background Image – Fetch Featured Image from your post/page automatically and set as Background

Version: 3.1.4 Updated: 06 Sept, 2019

You can download the DEMO JSON below (Updated on Sept 23 2017)

Download “Fullwidth Header Extended Demo #1 JSON” – Downloaded 7202 times – 4 MB

Please be aware that you will need an amount of experience in Divi Theme and WordPress to take advantage of our themes and plugins. Please make your decision to purchase based upon your skill level to see if our products fit your needs. Due to the nature of Digital Downloads. Refunds are completely at our discretion.
Live Demo


Installing Divi Fullwidth Header Extended

After downloading the Divi Fullwidth Header Extended installation file from, extract it and in the extracted folder locate the file. You can then install the Divi Custom Module Extended Module using one of the two following installation methods:

  1. WordPress upload – For most users, this is probably the simplest installation method. To install the Module using this method, please follow these steps:
    1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
    2. Navigate to Appearance > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
    3. Click on Choose File and select
    4. Click on Install Now
  2. FTP upload – If you would like to install the Custom Fullwidth Header Extended module via FTP, please follow these steps:
    1. Extract the file you previously located. You should now see a folder named dwd-custom-fullwidth-header-extended
    2. Using an FTP client, login to the server where your WordPress website is hosted
    3. Using an FTP client, navigate to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory under your WordPress website’s root directory
    4. Using an FTP client, upload the previously extracted dwd-custom-fullwidth-header-extended folder to the plugin directory on your remote server

Activating Divi Fullwidth Header Extended

To activate the Custom Fullwidth Header Extended Module, you have to navigate to Appearance > Plugins > Installed Plugins and click on activate.

After you have done this, your Divi Fullwidth Header Extended modules will be ready for use. you should see Fullwidth Header Extended appear in Divi Builder.

What you will be getting after purchasing:

  • Documentation on how to install and using the fullwidth header extended module
  • Plugin zip file

A whole new experience on Divi. Start building and impress your visitors with title effects, background effects, animation and more!

Craig from Divi Theme Examples did an review of the Fullwidth Header Extended Module. Take a look

32 reviews for Fullwidth Header Extended

  1. mike (verified owner)

    Very nice plugin, is it possible to do “We (Buy|Sell|Remodel) Houses For Cash!”? Also how hard would it be to convert this to a text module, for a regular section?

    • Ken Ng

      Hi Mike,

      The placement of the effect “We (Buy|Sell|Remodel) Houses For Cash!” is not available at the moment. We are thinking what is the best way for end users to have this effect yet have the best Divi experience as well as the ease of using our module. Alot of things to think and plan. However, having the effect can be on the front(starting) or at the back implemented easily in the next update. We will into it more Mike.

  2. Tabitha (verified owner)

    Love the plugin. One question though, is it possible to to stop the text animation after your word list. As it is the type effect just continues to loop. It would be nice to be able to stop this effect after the last word. Even still its a great plugin and looks awesome on page. Thanks:)

    • Ken Ng

      Hi Tabitha,

      Currently this module doesn’t have this feature yet. But I think you make a point here. We will look into it. We want the module to be as flexible as possible. Perhaps the next update. 🙂

  3. Dean (verified owner)

    Just wanted to let you know, I’m using your plugin and I’ve gotten a few visitors that really like it (and so do I). Keep up the great work. I too, would like it if at the end of the effect, we could have the option to make it stop.

  4. Toey (verified owner)

    This plugin is really flexible. You can customize almost anything. The author always updates and add new features. The price is really cheap for unlimited site. Worth every penny. Highly recommended!

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Thank you for your kind words and support Toey! Really glad that you are happy with our modules !

  5. yasser rasmi

    is your plugin works on the new divi 3

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      All 3rd party modules are fully functional in Page Builder. Custom modules are viewable and can be manipulated in Visual Builder but cannot be added or edited. This is a constraint placed on third party modules in Divi 3. We will have to wait and see what’s next update for Divi

  6. Lars Olsson

    This plugin is awesome, its very flexible. Now i wont setup a website without it. Now also with the option to Disable Typing Loop.

    WD and keep up the good work


    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Thanks for your kind words Lars! 😀

  7. macbroadcast

    Nice plugin ,you are using the library for the background animation ? Could the behavior changed ? Thanks

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hi Marc,

      Yes we are using that for particles. Currently, it’s not possible to change the behaviour via the setting. But you can look into the fullwidth header extended js folder particles-start.js and change the settings there at the moment.

  8. Jay

    Very nice and flexible plugin! I would suggest there could be a control to override the text container to full width (at least) or perhaps a setting. Of course it can be done with CSS but if you’re making the plugin, it should be a little more convenient.

  9. Dina Rudenko

    Very nice plugin. I have a question: is that possible to make background image (or video I am trying to use) responsive? I was not able to make it to work using CSS. can you help with that? thank you very much!

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      For video or background images, try using the Fullwidth Section Settings instead of the Module settings.

  10. Dina Rudenko

    well, I uploaded the image as background into the section module where the header is located, not into the header itself. I needed to use section because I actually want use a video, not an image. But even the image is not responsive. there is no really any settings to make it responsive. it is responsive by default. I tested uploading into any other sections, it works fine, but for your header, it just cuts off image on both sides. I tried with regular Fullwidth Header (from the Divi library on the same page as your Fullwidth Header located) and it is responsive. I tried to add some CSS code (@media screen and (min-width: 480px) ) using selector for the main element: .et_pb_section_0 with no success. So I thought that maybe developer knows how to fix it. Thank you very much !

  11. Jake

    Great plugin, takes a while to get used to. Is it possible to have the .json file from the Live Demo?

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hi Jake,

      We are working on this JSON and will be releasing soon. Please check out our facebook page for this update 🙂

  12. Fabian (verified owner)

    I already bought and tested the All in One plugin and it works great. But the Fullwidth Header Extended Plugin doesn’t want to work with my wordpress. As soon as I activate the plugin I can’t reach my side to work on anymore. It just becomes white. Any help? greetings from germany.

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      The latest version fixes this issue. Please download again. Thanks!

  13. Leon (verified owner)

    Hi great plugin – Could you add in the ability to change the font sizes (of title etc…) depending on desktop / tablet / phone?

  14. Steve

    I purchased this last week, and so far I’m very happy with the module. It’s got some incredible effects right out of the box. However, when the page loads, for a moment ALL of the text is displayed before it starts the actual typing effect. This seems like a small thing, but it kind of ruins the effect when you already see the text that is going to be displayed and then it starts the cool typing effect… (I hope I described my issue with adequate detail…) Is this a bug that other people are experiencing too?

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello Steve,

      Fullwidth Header Extended version 1.5.0 and above actually has some improving on this typing effect. The preload text is now hidden before the animation starts.

  15. Lasse

    Hi Ken,
    I purchased and am using the plugin, and it works really well 🙂

    I have 3 rather long sentences that I want to animate/”type” after a static first sentence.
    The issue is, that the 3 sentences are too long to stay on one line (unless I make them really small).
    So they break into more lines, and thus “push” the subheading and button underneath down; then up again when a new sentence is typed.
    It looks really messy. Can I do anything to make a line break mid-sentence on these three sentences?
    Would be a great help if I could!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hi Lasse, there’s a small tweak to it. If you set a min-height or a height to the title via Custom CSS tab. It will not push down anymore. If you need help on this, send us a ticket. 🙂

  16. Cecilia

    Hello! Can I use this plugin on many different websites? Thank you. It looks awesome!

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello Cecilia, this is licensed for lifetime usage on unlimited sites(your own and clients) even after support period. Includes 1 year of updates and 6 months of support after purchase. You are not allowed to resell this or include this in your commercial product.

  17. Mark Richmond (verified owner)

    An amazing amount of options in one Module! My favorite thing about this is is works great on mobile which is so important to maintain that sizzle from desktop to tablet to phone. I’m putting together a tutorial about this module because it is THAT exciting!

  18. Noelia Sanchez

    Thank you so much I really love this module! One question Can I add a a rotating images instead of just one image in the background. Kind of like a slider but I don’t want to change the text?

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello Noelia,

      Thanks for your kind words. Not possible to have a rotating background image on this. But well! it’s a good idea isn’t it?

  19. Carlos

    Good morning, Ken.
    I’m here studying the plugins ….. I need to put shadows on the elements and the fixed bar …… which plugin does that?
    There is some discount on the purchase of the 2 plugins, because I noticed that there are different functions in both versions, so to have everything I have to buy the 2 is not it?

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello Carlos,

      Thanks for contacting us. Shawdows on elements and fixed bar? Our modules doesn’t have fixed bar.

      The difference between the Fullwidth Header Extended and AIO extended module is that AIO is more for Standard Section(Columns)

      Take a look at our demo

      AIO does have title effects from Fullwidth Header Extended but that’s all what we bought over to AIO. Particles and Animated background will not be included in AIO because of performance issue. We do not want our customer and start emailing us saying that our modules are lagging. It’s not true. It’s because, imagine having 4 columns and turning on the Particles on a page would lag out a visitors. So we decided not to include that in AIO module.

      AIO does offer more features than Fullwidth in terms on animation as seen on the demo(Overlay, Background Image Filters and others more are coming.

      Fullwidth Header Extended is only for Fullwidth Section and it’s more for Header.

      Here’s another example of using all the modules.

  20. Carlos

    Ok Ken ….. I’ll see this now ….
    You could not help me with the CSS code of this shadow on the fixed bar, how is it on your site?
    I’ve searched for more, I have not found this code yet ….

  21. guillermo

    hello , i need to know if this plugin can be used in a text module to

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello Guillermo,

      Fullwidth Header is for Fullwidth Section. It can’t be used in a text module. It’s totally different.

  22. Ane Fourie (verified owner)

    I love the header extended module. It really makes a big difference to the look and feel of my website. And as an extra bonus – the customer service is exceptional. Ken really goes above and beyond his duties to help.

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Thank of your kind words! Always check out our Facebook and see what we are up to. We have many surprises for our customers too!

  23. juan

    Great plugin, I had a little issue with links in buttons not linking, but got in touch with Ken and he fixed it really quick. I’ll continue to use this plugin on every site I make, it really improves the look and quality of them.

  24. Darin Young (verified owner)

    I just bought the plugin and love it! Is there a way to adjust the speed of the Ken Burns background effect and is there a way to make it continually repeat (zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, etc.)? Thanks!

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello Darin, Good day to you! There’s no settings on the FHE at the moment but we will improve that. You can try overwrite the css values. Send us a ticket and we will help you out on this. 🙂

  25. Olga (verified owner)

    Like it, easy to use, no problem and clients happy to see these visual effects.

  26. William Brown (verified owner)

    Hi there

    Awesome plugin however im getting a double animation when the page loads so the type animates in straight away then once the image loads it animates again please help 🙂


    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello William,

      Shoot us a ticket and we will check what was the reason causing double animation. Cheers!

  27. Whitney Guerrero (verified owner)

    Really digging this plugin so far. Offers a good variety of animations and effects to offer clients. Question for you though: what is the recommended image size for use in this fullwidth header with the parallax effect enabled?

    • Ken Ng (verified owner)

      Hello Whitney, I think the best size is 1920 x 1080. Common sizes for desktop are 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 and 1600×1200
      HD usually means 1080p nowadays so that is 1920 x 1080. Maybe this will help you

  28. GEORGIOS (verified owner)

    its the Best Divi tool and i use it since the day that was released.!!
    Very important that its support is the best i had, keep up the good work 🙂

  29. A. I.


  30. Jesper

    Hi, I bought the plugin last year and loved it at first until I noticed that all headlines were h1, which isn’t exactly perfect always. I wrote you about it and you answered that there had been several requests about being able to change types of headlines. I can see you are constantly improving the plugin which is amazing, but I still won’t use it until I can change h1 to h2, h3 and h4. How is the future for this request? Thank you.

    • Divi Web Design (verified owner)

      Yes that’s right we planning to put that however the past months there’s a limit on chrome browser and that is why we pushed that to a later date. Will test that out again. If all is good will release it in the next version.

  31. angelo barrientos (verified owner)

    Hey guys! I love this plugin but since the last update the typing effect text isn’t displaying, can you guys help?

    • Divi Web Design (verified owner)

      Hello Angelo,

      I think it is some caching issue. Try clearing your browser cache. If not send an support to us and our staff will take a look at it.

  32. tonydessablons (verified owner)

    Hi Guys, great plugin !

    Is it possible to get typing effect on subtitle instead of title ?

    Thank You.

    • Divi Web Design (verified owner)

      Hi Tony, Thanks for your kind words. This is not possible on subtitle but you can change the placement of the subtitle to place before or after the title.

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[version 3.1.4] Updated on 6 Sept 2019
  • Fixed: Wave Animation not working due to invalid speed value in JavaScript.
[version 3.1.3] Updated on 30 Aug 2019
  • Fixed: Wave Animation not working due to invalid unit on Divi Builder.
  • Enhanced: Wave Animation value to unitless on Divi Builder.
[version 3.1.2] Updated on 10 July 2019
  • Fixed: Jumpy Fullscreen on Classic Builder.
[version 3.1.1] Updated on 27 April 2019
  • Fixed: Wave and Particles effect not showing on front-end due to extra value added by Divi (px).
[version 3.1] Updated on 7 Jan 2019
  • Fixed: Visual Builder showing error when using FHE due to new Divi 3.18 and above.
  • Fixed: Scroll Down Button not showing up on Visual Builder
[version 3.0.5] Updated on 12 Dec 2018
  • Fixed: New Classic Builder not loading due to new Divi update
  • Fixed: 404 page
[version 3.0.4] Updated on 11 Dec 2018
  • Fixed: A temporary fix due to undefined Call to undefined function et_fb_get_layout_type() from the Divi 3.18
[version 3.0.3] Updated on 15 Oct 2018
  • Fixed: Fullscreen not working due to header background transparency.
  • Removed: Inner div created by Divi in the Fullwidth Header Extended.
[version 3.0.2] Updated on 19 Sept 2018
  • Rewrote Fullwidth Header Extended module based on the new Divi Developer API with improvements and tweaks.
  • Rewrote Popup and Fullwidth Text module based on the new Divi Developer API with improvements and tweaks.
  • Added: Moving Canvas
  • Added: Box Shadow for Header Image
  • Fixed: A few bugs reported during the last version
  • Changed: JS/CSS File and folder structure of the plugin based on the new API.
[version 2.1.9] Updated on 21 April 2018
  • Enhanced: Uses Partial method on Visual Builder, which means this will appear on Visual Builder but with limited option working and is not native react component and does not act as fast as the native. It uses AJAX to render Special effects that require javascript are not working with visual builder (only on front-end) at the moment for now due to the enqueue scripts. Only Input, Color Styling and etc are working at the moment.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Divi 3.1.1 that causes title, subtitle, content color option to disappear.
[version 2.1.8] Updated on 18 April 2018
  • Added: Button Separator text in between 2 butttons with options to adjust gap spacing
  • Added: Button Separator text animation
  • Added: Glitch Background Effect - Under Special Background Effects
  • Removed: Scrolling Effect on Special Background Effects - Please use the Scrolling Fade Effect on Pro Setting Tab if you wish to have the effect.
  • Renamed: Slicey Effect to Special Background Effects
  • Renamed: Show/Hide under animation to Scroll on Reveal
  • Fixed: Default gradient when using Place Gradient Above Background Image when not using any Background Effects
  • Fixed: Big Multiple Boxes effect scroll reveal
  • Changed: CSS and JS Files - Remember to clear your cache
[version 2.1.7] Updated on 29 March 2018
  • Fixed: Conflict with Visual Builder which causes 3rd party custom module settings and values(Fancyline and Subtitle position) to reset upon saving via Visual Builder
[version 2.1.6] Updated on 01 Feb 2018
  • Fix: Featured Image as Background Image issue when using background as gradient
[version 2.1.5] Updated on 22 Jan 2018
  • Add: Auto Title - Fetch Page/Post Title automatically
  • Add: Auto Excerpt - Fetch Page/Post Excerpt automatically
  • Add: Featured Image as Background Image - Fetch Featured Image from your post/page automatically and set as Background
  • Enhance: Improving JS coding
  • Change: CSS file and JS file
[version 2.1.3] Updated on 08 Jan 2018
  • Enhance: Remove related video on Video Popup
[version 2.1.2] Updated on 02 Jan 2018/strong>
  • Add: Content Width Sizing
  • Fix: TextGIF class css
  • Enhance: Default Divi module setting such as Filters
  • Enhance: Rewrote fancyline for compatibility across FHE, Perky and Slider Animate.
  • Change: CSS file and JS file
  • Change: remove duplicate codes and follow Divi default Fullwidth Header module codes
[version 2.1.1] Updated on 25 Dec 2017
  • Fix: Video z-index when using with Particles Effect
  • Enhance: Wave Effect placement on within the section
  • Change: CSS file and JS file
[version 2.1] Updated on 23 Dec 2017
  • Add: Video URL with ability to show or hide on mobile along with Pro Setting Animation
  • Fix: Search Button Text not showing
  • Enhance: Cleaner Settings UI
  • Change: CSS file and JS file
[version 2.0.6] Updated on 16 Dec 2017
  • Add: Custom Image to Particle Effects with width and height
  • Add: Hover Mode to Particle Effects
  • Add: Ability to use more than one Particle Effects on a Single Page/Post
  • Change: CSS file and JS file
[version 2.0.5] Updated on 28 Nov 2017
  • Add: KensBurn Loop and Hide KensBurn on Mobile
  • Fix: Typing Characters input
  • Fix: CSS Animation
[version 2.0.4] Updated on 19 Oct 2017
  • Enhance: Make it compatible with the latest Divi version 3.0.83 along with heading level settings and new fonts
[version 2.0.3] Updated on 17 Oct 2017
  • Fix: License Page
  • Fix: Typing Loop
[version 2.0.2] Updated on 23 Sept 2017
  • Add: After text color for Typing and Rotator
  • Add: Remove Cursor Option for Typing Effect when not in a loop sequence
  • Improve: Typing Effect optimization on JS file and now play nicely with Title Animation on Pro Settings Tab
  • Improve: Scrolling Fading Effect with Typing Effect - Now the Typing Effect will start together when the animation of the content fade In.
[version 2.0.1] Updated on 19 Sept 2017
  • Fix: Fancy Line height
  • Add: Wave Animation Effect - Able to change color, speed, amplitude and height
Updated on 15 Sept 2017
  • Improve: CSS files for kenburns effect and other CSS improvements
  • Improve: Hide background images on the main Fullwidth Header Extended Section when using KenBurn which causes 2 times of loading of the background images
  • Fix: Popup width now is responsive on mobile or less than 479px width
  • Fix: KenBurn Effect and Section Seperator when using Before Placement that causes conflict. Now KenBurn has it's on Div and independent
  • Improve: Following the default style of the Divi Page Builder Fullwidth Header categorizing and make it compatible with the latest Divi
Updated on 12 Sept 2017
  • Improve: CSS files
  • Improve: KenBurn animation on IE and Edge
  • Add: Load Module Library such as Contact Form into the Popup (You will need to save that as Module in order to show up on the Popup Settings)
Updated on 10 Sept 2017
  • Fix: z-index issue on Header Image
Updated on 08 Sept 2017
  • Enhance: Rewrote the plugin using starter boilerplate for better plugin framework in the future.
  • Enhance: Updated license system files and rewrote the activation and check method.
  • Add: Animation in and out on Popup Module for Fullwidth Header Extended.
  • Add: Fullscreen Option Popup Module for Fullwidth Header Extended.
  • Add: Border Radius and Header Image and Header Text on Popup.
  • Fix: Particles hovering due to css class et_pb_fullwidth_header_container value of z-index. Now the hovering of Particles working on more areas.
  • Enhance: Animation for Popup due to Divi new Animation on modules.
Updated on 28 Aug 2017
  • Fix: Interactive Effect affecting other Fullwidth Header Extended when not using
  • Fix: Slicey with Interactive Effect affecting other Fullwidth Header Extended when not using
  • Add: After Text on Typing Effect and Rotator Effect. Adding a static text after Typing Effect and Rotator Effect is now possible.
Updated on 01 July 2017
  • Fix: KenBurns and Interactive Effect duplicated background on mobile
  • Remove: Console.log output on textillate effect
Updated on 23 June 2017
  • Add: Logo Width Responsive Option
  • Add: Loop, Type and Timing Option for Textillate Effect
  • Remove: Logo css block style
  • Cleanup: CSS file and 100+ lines of PHP codes
  • Enhance: Content Popup Layout with new Divi Background UI
  • Add: Overlay Color
  • Enhance: Form on Content Popup
Updated on 13 June 2017
  • Fix: Background Color not showing on new background UI
  • Added: Background Title for SEO purposes
Updated on 01 June 2017
  • Fix: Make it compatible with Divi version 3.0.48 onwards
  • Added: Custom KenBurns Effect Speed Option
  • Added: New option under Slicey Effect - Layer Illusion
  • Added: Particles Link Color and Particles Direction Option
Updated on 26 May 2017
  • Improve: Few improvements to the Slicey Effect by removing blur on the element which caused a little performance issues.
  • Change: Slicey Blurry Effec to Slicey Effect
  • Improve: Scrolling Fading Effect + Slicey Effect + Interactive Background Effect all compatible. (Turning on Slicey and Interactive Effect will no longer move the background image on mouse move, but it will move those slicey boxes instead)
Updated on 25 May 2017
  • Fix: Content Popup Button position when clicked
  • Added: Wider Mobile Space Option (Divi set a width of 80% by default and that can be an issue if you have many text on the content area, that is why we have this option now. You can have a wider width space on mobile.)
  • Added: Slicey Burry Effect - This will replicate boxes from the background URL you provided with the same background image and make these boxes move in perspective towards the viewer. This will spice up and add some jazz to background image. Note: This might not work with older browsers. (Inspired by Filippo Bello’s Portfolio)
Updated on 23 May 2017
  • Fix: TextGIF js file for echoing out variable data
  • Added: Custom line and circle color for Moving Particles
Updated on 22 May 2017
  • Improve: Remove duplicated CSS classes
  • Fix: Scroll down icon not showing on the page builder icon section
  • Added: Interactive Background Effect - This will move your background image on mouse move
Updated on 18 May 2017
  • Improve: CSS clean up and tidy up
  • Improve: Re-adjust placement features to match current Divi Page Builder Style
  • Added: Hide Scroll Icon, Particle effects and Moving Particles on mobile
  • Added: Custom Responsive Height when not using Fullscreen Mode
Updated on 05 May 2017
  • Fix: Button links when not using Popup
  • Improve: CSS File on KenBurns Effect Responsiveness and remove files. Overall clean up and tidy up
  • Added: Padding and Margin Responsiveness on Advanced Design Settings. You can now set adjust padding on Fullwidth Header Extended!
Updated on 06 April 2017
  • Fix: Typing Effect not accepting &
  • Remove: Any existing text and description on Builder which no longer being used
  • Added: Shuffle Effect on Title (NEW)
Updated on 24 March 2017
  • Fix: Logo animation
  • Improve and Clean: CSS
Updated on 21 March 2017
  • Fix: Fancyline Margin default CSS for Divi Builder Plugin
  • Improve: Preload Text for Text Rotator - Huge huge improvements
  • Improve: License page UI to match WordPress (Added License key expiry date)
  • Add: Admin CSS for Popup Module
Updated on 16 March 2017
  • Fix: Fancyline Margin default CSS
  • Improve: Scrolling Fading with Fancyline
Updated on 15 March 2017
  • Fix: custom scroll echo
Updated on 14 March 2017
  • Fix: Maximum call stack size exceeded error(Because there are too many fields and input in the page builder) Only on Windows Chrome version
  • Add: A new Popup Module in Fullwidth Header Section which able to input shortcode now. All Popup styling will be removed from FHE module
  • Remove: Overlay Popup Color
Updated on 13 March 2017
  • Fix: License Key Notification dismissal
  • Add: Section Separator(Triangles, Half Circle, Multi Triangles, Diagonal)
  • Add: Text Gradient for Title, Sub Heading, Content
  • Add: Particles option (Number of Particles, Particle Size, Shape of the Particles(Circle, Triangle,Edge, Polygon, Star), Particle Line Linked Width, Particle Movement Speed, Particle Color)
  • Enhance: Admin Font Size on Module Tab
Updated on 03 March 2017
  • Fix: et_pb_get_responsive_status() error
  • Improve and fix: Ken Burns Effect (Note: If you are using left, right on Zoom In or Zoom out, Zoom in and Zoom out will be used Mobile devices)
  • Remove: Licensing Option page on Divi Menu
  • Add: Licensing Option page to WordPress Settings Sub Menu
Updated on 02 March 2017
  • Add: More Ken Burns Effect (Zoom In, Zoom In Left, Zoom In Right, Zoomout, Zoomout Left, Zoomout Right)
Updated on 01 March 2017
  • Add: Hover Button Animation (2D Transitions and Speech Bubbles) and compatible with AIO module
Updated on 28 Feb 2017
  • Remove: Button #2 on Popup due to uncaught rangeerror maximum call stack exceeded on Windows Chrome Browser only which caused module not opening
  • Add: Remove shadow on popup container option
  • Add: last_edited on responsive php - Following the default fullwidth header
Updated on 24 Feb 2017
  • Fix: License Option Page compatibility for Divi Theme, Extra Theme and Divi Builder
  • Improve: The activation and status for license key and page
Updated on 22 Feb 2017
  • Fix: function \\\'dwd_fhe_license_notice\\\' not found or invalid function name
Updated on 21 Feb 2017
  • Add: Make it compatible with AIO on Scolling Fading Effect
Updated on 17 Feb 2017
  • Fix: KensBurn Effect scale to 1 before zooming
  • Change: Header Image animation option to Pro Settings Tab
  • Add: Popup Background Color, Popup Background Overlay Color, Popup Close Icon Color and Popup Max Width for Content Popup
  • Improve & Change: CSS
Updated on 16 Feb 2017
  • Fixed: Logo animation when not in use
  • Change: Logo animation option to Pro Settings Tab
  • Enhancement: Scrolling Fading now include logo image and header image
  • Add: Image Vertical Alignment and Text Vertical Alignment now have new option: Top
  • Improve: CSS
Updated on 9 Feb 2017
  • Fixed: Licensing PHP error
  • Enhancement: Licensing system compatible with other modules
Updated on 07 Feb 2017
  • Fix: Licensing system code
Updated on 03 Feb 2017
  • Add: Scrolling Fading Effect
  • Add: Automatic updates with License keys
  • Add: Divi Extended on WordPress Sidebar Menu for future plans
Updated on 01 Feb 2017
  • Fix: Conflict and PHP error with Yoast
  • Fix: Undefine var
Updated on 26 Jan 2017
  • Fix: Background Image (without any effect) responsive on mobile and tablet which is also Divi default css
Updated on 20 Jan 2017
  • Fix: Background Image (without any effect)
Updated on 20 Jan 2017 * All settings in Advanced Design Settings will be related to fonts, font-size, line-height, colors, background color, borders, buttons.
  • Change: Shifted animations settings to Pro Setting Tabs.
  • Fix: Moving Particles conflict with overlay and overlay gradient.
  • Fix: Button animations will animate when not used.
  • Fix: Button One Animation is from Button Two instead of Button One
  • Fix: Button Styling Conflict with Popup Button Styling
  • Fix: Animated Gradient Background conflict when you use Background Image on the FHE Module instead of the Section Background Image.
  • Add: Text Align on Popup (Left, Center, Right, Justified)
  • Add: Typing Underline Border adjustment (default is 4px)
  • Improve: Whole Animation Toggling (When enabled, other animation such as title, subheading will be hidden)
  • Improve: Coding and follow Divi style of coding.
  • Improve: CSS
Updated on 19 Jan 2017
  • Fix: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
Updated on 18 Jan 2017
  • Improve: Typing effect on preloading
  • Change: Delayspeed and typing speed value
  • Change: Particles Effect value in the JS
  • Remove: Video popup script and make use of Divi enqueue script which is \\\"Magnific Popup\\\"
  • Add: Underline and Background on Typing Effect
  • Add: Content popup with Advanced Styling(Title, Content, Background Image and Buttons)
  • Add: Moving Particles - The particles will follow your mouse cursor as you move
  • Add: Ken Burns effect - Apply Ken Burns effect to the background image
  • Add: New Tab called \\\"Pro Settings\\\"
Updated on 30 Dec 2016
  • Fixed: et_fb_is_retrieving_builder_data error which causes http 500 error and blank pages
Updated on 19 Dec 2016
  • Changed: Text Max Width to Container Max Width
  • Added: Architects Daughter, Cabin, Oxygen, Nunito Sans, Josefin Sans Google Fonts can be used all across modules - More to come
  • Fixed: Animation on Button #1 - css class issue
Updated on 14 Dec 2016
  • Added: Make Button Fullwidth on Mobile
  • Added: Custom URL link with new window option for Header Image
  • Fixed: Animation reveal Header Image
Updated on 12 Dec 2016
  • Added: Shortcode can now be displayed on content
  • Fixed: PHP error where $logo_image_url was accidentally deleted on previous version
Updated on 1 Dec 2016
  • Fixed: Custom CSS Tab Header Image correct img link
  • Fixed: Header Image and animation
Updated on 30 Nov 2016
  • Fixed: Custom Style Icon not showing up
Updated on 18 Nov 2016
  • Added: URL open on new window option on Button One and Button Two
Updated on 14 Nov 2016
  • Fixed: Conflict with AIO module where Fullwidth Header Extended is not showing up when used together
Updated on 3 Nov 2016
  • Fixed: CSS conflict where particles and gradient used together.
Updated on 24 Oct 2016
  • Fixed: Scroll Icon beneathe when using Fullscreen
  • Added: Hide Fullwidth Header Extended module on Visual Builder - No more duplicate content
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up
Updated on 3 Oct 2016
  • Added: Video Popup on Button One, Button Two or both
  • Fixed: Undefined variable on search_max_width_on_off
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up
Updated on 25 Sept 2016
  • Added: Search Type - Posts/Pages or WooCommerce
  • Added: Hide search button text, hide icon, placement of the button(Left or Right)
  • Added: Custom CSS for Search Icon
  • Added: A Fullwidth Text Extender Module for FREE
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up
Updated on 22 Sept 2016
  • Fixed: Scroll Down default size
  • Added: Fancy Line Before or After Title
  • Added: Search Input - You can now have search input on header
  • Added: Custom CSS for Typing, Rotator, Input Field, Search Button
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up
Updated on 18 Sept 2016
  • Fixed section ID issue
  • Fixed gradient whereby color code are hard coded in php
  • Fixed typing delay default value
  • Added new option: New line for both typing and rotator text effect when using Static + Effect.
  • Added new option: Typing Loop. You are able to enable or disable typing effect looping.
  • Added new effect: TextGIF - You can use this TextGIF effect to make your text like a hole in the page by using gif images.
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up
Updated on 24 Aug 2016
  • Fixes Logo alignment when center or left selected along with text
  • Hidden Textillate option when not active
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up
Updated on 3 Aug 2016
  • Fixed Default Font Size on Title, Sub Heading and Content on Tablet and Mobile Value
  • Fixed Gradient Background with Particles On (z-index issue)
  • Added Line height and Letter spacing on Title, Sub Heading and Content
  • Added New Title Effect(Textillate Effect) with In and Out Animation
  • Added Speed adjustment on Animated Gradient Background
  • Improved Coding and Clean Up
Updated on 22 July 2016
  • Fixed PHP Error logo_image__animation_on_off
Updated on 12 July 2016
  • Fixed Firefox Scroll down custom image
Updated on 12 July 2016
  • Clean up css and php codes
  • Added Background Gradient (Left to Right →, Top to Bottom , Radial ○, Diagonal ↘, Diagonal ↗
  • Added custom image/icon for scroll down icon
  • Added more animations (Up to 49 to choose now)
  • Change text input for animation speed to range slider(Slide it)
  • Added typing/rotator font color
  • Added typing cursor color
  • Added Delay Time Before Backspacing(Typing Effect)
  • Added Time before typing starts(Typing Effect)
Updated on 1 July 2016
  • Fixed center logo issue
  • Fixed php conditional
  • Clean up codes
Updated on 27 June 2016
  • Added static + typing effect on title
  • Added static + rotator effect on title
  • Fixed php condition for inputs
Updated on 24 June 2016
  • Clean up CSS and enqueue scripts
Updated on 21st June 2016
  • Added logo-image, background-image animation
  • Fixed the animation to load on delay speed
  • Fixed the animation speed without delay bug
Updated on 20 june 2016
  • Added title animation effect
  • Added subheading animation effect
  • Added content animation effect
  • Added button animation effect

Our themes and modules includes the plugin files, 1 year of online support and access to plugin updates. You can use them on unlimited sites(your own and clients) even after support period. You can renew your license(s) at 50% off after one year to continue to receive online support and plugin updates. You are not allowed to resell this or include this in your commercial product. In other words, you cannot sell child themes with this module. If you wish to do so, please contact us.

Updated 18 July 2016

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